About me

From 1979 onwards, I have filled the positions of construction supervision, project manager, construction group manager, company manager, etc. in various companies and also undertook various contracting works for 13 years and have returned to Project Management Business since 2002 due to the economic crisis in our country.

I was in large-scale project management services in Turkey’s large-scale companies from 2002 until today.

Throughout my professional life, I am honored and proud of all the work I have done, and I have served with honor. By using the advantages of my profession which is architecture, I achieved my superior achievement in terms of both the quality and the timing of my work. In the meantime, I have had the chance to work with the PROFESSIONALMASTERS who really know and do business very well, and these business associations have gİve the opportunity to me and my staff to acknowledge honor and advancement in my profession.

Since 2014, I was trying to serve my company, my team and investors and producer firms in the following subjects;

Architectural consultancy and application project services

Land and project development

Urban transformation

Investment and planning

Bidding and feasibility services for construction works

After completing the work of 3 works, I stopped the company’s activities and returned to project management services again.

Throughout my professional life, I have set my first goal to work without compromising on ethics, quality, planning and most important honesty and moral principles.

Best regards,

Fahir Semih ÜLGEN